Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We should really buy sleeping bags...

Lately our weekends have been filled with reruns of the O.C. on a Japanese web site and Costco trips. Thanks to other people that plan really well, the wives of other 1st years were able to meet up with them at the end of their retreat at Canon Beach to go camping. Jon and I are such camping moochers. We were able to contribute exactly two roasting sticks and 4 camp chairs, paper plates and a tea kettle. (and our own air mattress...thanks to Jon's parents). We slept in a palatial tent built for at least 10 (thanks Steve and Danielle) and in a ginormous sleeping bag (Ann and Willy (-ie?) I can't get that name to look right). We had 12 people, 1 baby, and 4 tents smashed in a way small space, and made foil dinners in the smokiest campfire ever made. For extremely inexperienced campers, our foil dinners were amazing. Salmon with a spice rub, fresh garlic, red potatoes, red pepper, onions and carrots coated with just the right amount of olive oil and herbs. The next morning we spent some time on the beach and the touristy parts of Tilamook before driving home. Mother, sleep easy--we have made friends!

Jon and Willy skim boarded on the freezing, foggy beach.

Spencer was the only one with rational sense, angrily wondering why the heck we were standing on a frigid beach.

Our weekend did not end there. We went to go see Menomena at Music Fest Northwest, which was absolutely stellar, although we were there until one and I was about to pass out from lack of sleep. My phone is acting weird otherwise I'd post a photo, but instead I will post my favorite snippet of easedropped conversation.

girl1: So, I think I have glaucoma.
girl2: What?
girl1: You know, glaucoma. I keep having these weird headaches and fuzzy vision.
girl2: Is this like the time you thought you had leprosy?
girl1: Yeah.

And...here's a preview of this weekend. Hint: Jon made this band mini cupcakes, they called us "their friends" on exactly one occasion, and it might secretly be a large reason we moved here...

Can I just say that I love Portland?


Lorrie said...

Jon wearing a swimsuit and a hat...only in the NW! That's a great look, by the way. Should I put sleeping bags on your Christmas list? Or a tent? Luckily, friends won't be on the list!