Friday, November 16, 2012


This Halloween was the first holiday in my attempt to decorate for all holidays. Made some bats, a few fell down, as you can see.

I have to say, it felt wonderful to let him eat a bunch of candy, cupcakes, get a glowstick and run around a patch of grass with other kids. He was having the time of his life.

(Here's more phone photos--as I went to take pictures with my camera that night the battery was dead of course.)

The past four Hall Halloweens have had a common overarching theme--facial hair. Theo's never had a costume without some, and I didn't think this was the year to stop. I saw a strongman costume on the blog Oh Happy Day, lest you think I am creative and thought of this idea myself. I was stumped for ideas, saw the strongman and that it fit the ever so important theme, and decided it was the one. Plus we had a large cardboard tube at the ready. Theo really got into it, and we loved buying a plastic pumpkin and practicing "trick or treat!" I wanted Margot's costume to be related, so she went as the bearded lady (actually my idea). The beard was leftover from Theo's gnome costume and colored with washable marker (which wasn't a good idea, it rubs off.) The yarn wig was leftover from our Hulk Hogan costumes of 2009, so Margot was a hodge-podge of several great Halloweens in one. I think all her future costumes will have yarn wigs, because they look so ridiculous.

Our branch had a trunk or treat and a total of 6 cars showed up, so I had a lot of Reese's Lover's Mix to eat for a few weeks afterwards (I could eat my weight in Reese's Pieces. Truly.). Theo never asked about his candy again. I don't know why kids do that, but it's amazing.


naomi said...

Hello! I think we have a mutual friend (Whitney now-Baker?) I'm enjoying your blog; you are the only other person I know who is out on a limb in a little branch somewhere random. Although Philly is more urban than Truth or Consequences. These costumes are super great. I love love love the yarn wig so hard.