Friday, August 15, 2008

unemployment solutions

Not jacket face, but just a great picture of a guy reading a book with santa socks, a parisian Colby Stead.

Jon and I were driving back from ikea today with a carload of $2 toilet brushes and chalk when I saw a panhandler on the side of the road. Actually, it was a teenager with a miniskirt and tank top holding a cardboard sign pleading for money for gas. This girl looked groomed and skinny by choice. It reminded me of when we thought about how useful begging would be in Europe. Considering how cheap we were, a couple euros would have been a financial windfall, but I don't think we could pull off sad faces, although looking like we hadn't showered for days was another matter. I almost wanted to give this girl gas money. She looked so nice and clean--so unbeggarly that she surely had a need! Beggars usually give me the heebies, especially in France when Jon accidentally kicked a cup of one we endearingly called "jacket face," this because he held a jean jacket over his face with two strategically placed holes as to permit ease of glaring. I thought he was going to come after us with a knife. All he had in his cup was fingernail clippers (yet another potential weapon). Lesson learned--If you're going to look crazy scary, don't expect any money.

My piece of cardboard would be honest, my outfit neat.

"Wife of dental student with future six figure debt and an unusable degree. Please give."


Meredith said...

You should write a book malorie. It doesn't really matter about what, I would just like to read it.

Jessie Evans said...

My sign would read "Victim of the economy with useless degree." Glad to see you guys have a blog and are doing well.